AED 16.00

Cat.No. Size Packing
LMNC 2244  2.5ml,  23G x1 1/4″ 100/Box
LMNC 2245 2.5ml, 21G x1 1/2″ 100/Box
LMNC 2246 3ml, 23G x1 1/4″ 100/Box
LMNC 2247 5ml, 22G x1 1/2″ 100/Box
LMNC 2248 5ml, 23G x1 1/4″ 100/Box
LMNC 2249 10ml, 21G x1 1/2″ 100/Box
LMNC 2250 20ml, 21G x1 1/2″ 100/Box
LMNC 2251 60ml W/o Needle 30/bx

Syringes are used to deliver medicine into the body by puncturing the skin through use of a needle and a piston to force the contents. We can provide sterile syringes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 ml to 60ml in both luer lock and luer slip variations. For volumes less than 1 ml that can’t work with 3 ml syringes, consider using our insulin or tuberculin syringes instead.


Our syringes come individually packed in sterile sealed pouches, and each box contains 100 syringes.

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