Insulin Syringes

AED 63.00

Cat No : LMNC 2242

Insulin Syringes in 28G, 30G in 0.5 and 1ml respectively.

Packing: 100 pcs/bag

Insulin Syringes are meant to deliver small doses (less than 1ml) of medicine to a patient. They’re usually available with needle gauge sizes ranging from 27G to 30G and small lengths such as 6 or 8mm. This is because insulin is meant to be deposited in the subcutaneous fat deposits, and longer needles are unnecessary for this. Since the doses are tiny, most insulin needles come in 0,5ml or 1ml; with 50 and 100 unit graduations respectively. Each graduation unit is equivalent to 1/100th of an ml.

Our insulin syringes come in packs of 100, with each pack being sterilized. Take a look at our other syringes here with volumes greater than 1ml

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