Butterfly Needle Set/Winged Infusion Set

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SMLP 2816 23G
SMLP 2817 22G
SMLP 2818 21G

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Winged Infusion sets (sometimes known as scalp vein sets or butterfly needle sets) are used to access superficial veins. The reason they’re called winged or butterfly needle sets is because of the shape of the “wings” used to hold the needle to puncture the vein. As opposed to a regular needle (used in one hand), a winged set needs both hands to hold it during insertion. As a result, it’s more stable, and more flexible (due to the design of the needle) and uses a smaller needle than other infusion sets. As a result these can be used to locate superficial veins(such as on the scalp) with less pain than other infusion sets.

These infusion sets are categorized by different needle gauges (mostly from 23G to 28G) with the butterfly needles in different colors. Take a look at our other infusion sets such as IV Cannulas.

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